Zachary "Zach" Taylor is Jenny's cousin; a photographer and artist. He is often cool and detached from others, though he has some regard for Jenny as his family. Furthermore, when Jenny attempts to accept Julian's proposal to her, Zach is the only member of the group to react with uncharacteristic fury for her. The disappearance of their grandfather has impacted Zach as well, causing a lifelong fear that madness might be inherited among the family, and that Zach will one day succumb to it. His nightmare encompasses a futuristic, armored hunter, his own darker self, seeking to destroy him.

There is a mild implication that Zach is attracted to Jenny, as Julian is able to seduce her while disguised as Zach, and later states that her cousin in truth does have feelings for her (though this may be jealousy on Julian's part). In The Kill, impressed with her new-found strength, Zach becomes somewhat fascinated with Summer instead.



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